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Rebecca D. Sanchez & Mark L. Graves


Four years ago the seed of this business was planted, well honestly I
think it was already growing in the heart and mind of my partner, Becky Sanchez, but for me the idea was but a sprout.  I spent the majority of my adult life in the restaurant business, having great success, winning many awards. My success was due to my desire to improve the lives of those around me and my ability to teach or share this philosophy with others. True happiness comes from graciously giving. National franchises recognized this and I spoke for them teaching customer service and business growth.

My partner, Becky Sanchez, is a practicing hygienist of 24 years.  After graduating from UNM with a Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene, Becky had used a dental temp agency to find a dental practice to utilize her skills.  The agency allowed her the ability to not only find an office, but to find the one that she shared a similar philosophy.  She had hoped there was one here in Las Cruces to facilitate her transition to a new town.  To her surprise she discovered that there was not a dental temp agency in Las Cruces the area.

Soon after, discussions of us opening a dental temp agency in Las Cruces began to bloom.  A temp agency that would afford choices for our dental community.  An agency that gives offices the option to not lose production when a staff member is out on emergency or sickness – providing daily emergency staffing needs.  An agency to fill extended absences such as maternity of family medical leave. An agency that provides a setting for on-the-job interviews with multiple applicants when your office is growing or you just need to find that perfect employee for your practice.

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