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Our mission is to provide staffing options for dental offices in

Las Cruces, New Mexico and the surrounding area.



Having a dental hygienist out of the office generally costs the practice a minimum of $1000 a day in production.  


MR Dependable Dental Staffing provides a qualified, experienced hygienist so your patients don’t have to be inconvenienced by rescheduling and the office does not have to suffer the loss of production.


MR Dependable Dental Staffing helps offices maintain their production goals and reduce rescheduling inconveniences by providing staff when a valued employee is ill or on leave.



We also provide front office personnel and assistants.  We strive to provide qualified personnel to assure the office runs efficiently.  One missing employee can slow the flow creating a traffic jam at the front desk.  A missing assistant creates gridlock in the sterilization lab and leaves the remaining back office personnel to absorb their workload which generally causes delays in patient treatment creating unhappy patients and unhappy doctors.

Maybe you are looking for a permanent employee?  Has your office grown to the point you need to add additional employees or maybe you have an opening in your office and you are searching for an employee that will be a good match for your office?

MR Dependable Dental Staffing provides dental hygienists, assistants and front office personnel for risk free on-the-job interviews.  Our hiring process includes verification of credentials, reference checks and background checks.  There is no need for you to advertise the position or overload your front office receiving calls and resumes.  We take the hassle out of the hiring process so you can focus on finding the personality and skill level that meets the needs of your office.  Working interviews allow for a more accurate assessment of the potential candidate you are looking to hire.

MR DDS – Creating Options in Staffing